About Us/Eolas

Gaelscoil Chluainín is an Irish-Medium Co-Ed Primary School, with a catholic ethos under the patronage of An Foras Pátrúnachta.  The school was established in 2007 and the school on Castle Street was opened in 2008.

Our Aims and Purposes

Gaelscoil Chluainín provides quality, unique and differentiated education for every child. Gaelscoil Chluainín upholds a catholic ethos and prepares children for First Penance,  First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


In our school there will be:

  • Caring,
  • Show Kindness,
  • Prepare for Church Sacraments,
  • Impart Knowledge,
  • Show Love, Forgiveness, Respect,
  • Patience and Tolerance,
  • Show Generosity,
  • Be Understanding.

For your child, the school will aim to develop:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum.
  • An awareness of his/ her own talents, skills and curriculum.
  • A love of learning, a knowledge of how to learn and the motivation to reach their own potential.
  • An awareness of the immediate local environment and an attitude which leads to self- discipline, independence of individuals, groups and nations and tolerance of others.
  • Effective communication between all members of the school community.
  • A lively and enquiring mind, the ability to question and make informed decisions.

Enrolment Form

The Revised Curriculum

In the Revised Curriculum, children are encouraged to discover and learn independently. They themselves, with their family and the local environment, are central to their learning. As the child’s world develops personally, so too will their education.

Immersion Education

In the immersion education model, pupils learn all subjects through the medium of a designated language. In Irish-medium schools or gaelscoileanna, Irish is the language through which all subjects are taught and all communication is conducted. Irish is the working language of the school. Pupils attending a Gaelscoil follow the standard curriculum as laid out by the Department of Education and Skills. Through the immersion system pupils achieve a high level of fluency in both English and Irish. It has been proven to be the most effective way of learning the Irish language.